Last year I managed to keep my new year* resolution: survive until December 31st. The prior year, 2011, saw me suicidal on a cycle so regular you could almost literally set a calendar by it. Happily, I am past that now, and looking for a greater challenge.

So here they are, Resolutions 2013:

  1. Write another book. Writing my first book last year was a blast. I’m still in the final polishing phase, but I am extra thrilled with how it came out and I am super eager to see what happens next with Laurel and Mercy. I might go into detail about how I write later, but the short  version is that I don’t know entirely what is going to happen until I start writing. I’d throw get published in here as well, but that’s part of a book’s life cycle that I have no control over unless I want to self-pub, which I do not.
  2. Lose some weight; gain some muscle mass. Recovering from homelessness and serious depression is a draining effort, and my body took a lot of abuse during the process. It’s time to step up and rid myself of my new-found flab. It’s not that it’s bad to have fat; it’s that since I went back on antidepressants I gained 20 pounds in three months.
  3. Read more, and read from a wider pool. I am perennially guilty of staying within my comfort zone in my reading. As a child, there were several years when I pretty much only read Star Trek tie-in novels. I try to branch out further, but the truth is I read to escape, and books that are challenging (in whatever sense; narrative, structural, etc.) are less of an escape than a comforting genre book is. The fucked-up thing is that the books I list as my favorites are almost all outside my normal reading sphere. Expect the first installment of my non-fiction challenge soon. (Spoilers, I hated it.)
  4. Post more! It’s strange how long it can take a perfectly reasonable idea to wind its way through my brain, but for a long time my main challenge in blogging has been coming up with things to blog about. Now, for fiction the answer for that problem is easy: just write more fiction, no matter how forced, until the engine is primed and the words flow on their own. For whatever reason, it’s taken me most of a year to realize that the same principle applies to non-fiction. I’m going to go ahead and blame the cotton-brain my meds give me for that one. (Especially since, once upon a time I already knew that.)
  5. Survive until December 31st, 2013. This one is always going to be a resolution for me. Serious, chronic depression is an honest to goddess disability, and I’ve got it pretty bad. I can’t take surviving to the end of the year for granted anymore.

So that’s it, my slate of new year resolutions. I’ll be looking back at the end of the year to see how well I did. This of course presumes that I succeed on the last one, of course.

*It bugs the unholy fuck out of me to refer to it as a new years resolution. You only get one new year at a time.

This entry was posted by April Daniels.

2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. I was always under the impression that it was “new year’s resolution”, the resolution of or pertaining to a new year.

    Also, I am very much in favor of resolutions 1 and 5.

    • That makes sense, I suppose.

      Yes, 1 and 5 are the big ones, though 4 is particularly dear to me as well. I hope to meet all of them, but if I can get 3 of 5 I’ll be satisfied.


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