Post-Election Elation

Regardless of what I wrote in my spooky story, I am very glad that Barack Obama won the election. While he is not nearly the man I hoped he would be on economic issues, and while his foreign policy is marred by his dedication to drone strikes against civilian targets, he has in many ways been a good President. His (however tardy) championing of the LGBT community in particular is something I am thankful for. I’m glad he won.

The alternative would be Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Romney, if elected, would have been a disaster for women, queers, poor people, brown people, really anyone who wasn’t like them. Romney’s conservative support was always flimsy, and to avoid an intra-party fight that would neuter him in his first year, he would have been obliged to hand much of his domestic policy apparatus over to Ryan. Ryan, who sees eye to eye with Todd “legitimate rape” Akin. A Romney/Ryan administration would mean coat-hangers coming back in style. It would mean that my marriage rights would, again, be stymied, dismissed, and devalued at the Federal level. It would mean an all-but-open acceptance of discrimination against workers for anything that makes them even remotely incontinent to their employers, regardless of the cost of shattered lives and trampled dignity that such policies would entail.

It is good for this country, and frankly very good for me, that Mitt Romney lost.

But even before the final states had finished reporting, I heard calls for reconciliation, and statements urging us not to revel in our victory. We should come together as a country now, and look forward to the future, and engage in all manner of similar platitudes.




For me, this election was about if I get to stop being a second-class citizen sometime in the near future. This was an election about if being a woman would be even more of a financial handicap than it already is. This was an election about my equality, and I am not particularly interested in joining hands and singing songs of friendship with the kind of people who would vote for a world where I am not the equal of any man. I am not your friend. I will not comfort you in your defeat. I will not respect you in the morning.

We won.

You lost.

It’s a good day for America. When the rest of you are willing to grow up and join the 21st century, we’ll be waiting for you.

This entry was posted by April Daniels.


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